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Eastvanchopcycle electric bike


This is one exciting handmade custom electric bike with some pretty cool features and technology! Starting with the semi gloss black frame complemented with 24kt gold plated rims and triple clamp plate. To tie in all the color we used a golden color chain now let's just dive into the technical specifications what I call the fun part. Custom packaged 72v battery case with Samsung 21700 cells larger Guage wires and a 50 Amp bms. With this you can power the phazerunner motor controller to 45 amps continuously this bike is set at 3400 watts. Capable of 100 kph !! Though the front hub motor. We use regenerative front brakes that are very strong along with 203mm front disc rotor and then to finish off the stopping power there is a rear coaster brake keep things clean and simple. Single speed looking but running a 2 Speed Sturmey Archer hub with heavy gearing so you can pedal at higher cruising speeds. Safety is always first with great brakes that you will hardly ever have to change it has 1200 lumen water proof head lamp and active motion  Sensing Brake lamp. Brooks seat with ODI hand grips keep a great ride on this one and keep things swappable in the future if you need to change them up. It very important to know you have a ebike that you can fully repair and maintain easily and with these bikes that's what you get all standardized parts and sizes. 

" Homerun "

Featuring front hub motor , regenerative braking, 2200 watts power, 52v 20ah battery, springer fork, 300 Lumen head lamp.

" Furious "

Featuring rear hub motor , regenerative braking, 3600 watts power, 72v 25ah battery, squeeze grip regen button, 1200 Lumen head lamp.

" Ducati "

Featuring front hub motor , regenerative braking, 2200 watts power, 52v 20ah battery, chrome motor and fenders, 300 Lumen head lamp.


72v 3000 watts 10ah battery regenerative front brakes 

$8000.00 USD 


72v 3000 watts 10ah battery regenerative front brakes 

$8000.00 USD 

Our Recent Work

Snoop Dogg - I wanna go outside

Snoop Dogg hitting the streets in his gold plated custom edition Eastvanchopcycle

Snoop Dogg - One Blood One Cuz

Snoop Dogg used his Eastvanchopcycle custom electric bike we built for him in this music video tribute to Nipsey Hussle and Unity.

D.Baker's - First ride

Not only is Mr.Baker's custom Eastvanchopcycle look amazing but very speedy!!!  Look at this video 


Custom Luxury Electric Bicycles

Sleek, Comfortable and Powerful

We specialize in fully custom electric bikes ​

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Range - Power - Style 

We give you the total package !!

Did you know we have the fastest charging 

electric bikes on the market ? 

All bikes shown are available in any color 

combinations and power levels

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Two Motors 2500watts


The Dual

" The Dual "electric copper chopper if your looking to step into the future of electric bikes look no further we can set you straight. Battery 52volt 21ah, 2 programable motor controllers and 2 hub motors both with re-gen braking. 100 km range with a top speed 75 kph and stops on a dime with 3 brakes on one lever. Active brake light and custom 300 lumen headlight. This bike is un-stoppable  we have used one geared motor in rear and one direct drive motor in the front creating the ultimate feeling in an electric bike. This produces the feeling of an automobile but with only 2 wheels. From hill climbing, strait line speed or just cruising this bike will leave you speechless and a huge GRIN from ear to ear. Equipped with the latest in E-bike technology and high quality bike components almost maintenance free gives you huge piece of mind when buying and riding. This bike also has dual regenerative brakes so twice the power gets back to the battery given you that boost of extra range and enormous braking strength. Large front 203mm rotor matched with large single piston hydraulic caliper finishes of your braking system so when you hit the brakes it's just one simple lever done deal. Big grip tires to take you over any terrain. Comfortable and natural  seating position give you almost no fatigue while riding. Copper plated frame and rims were all clear coated as well so extreme look and very little cleaning or polishing needed to keep its amazing looks. This bike can also be made in different colors or finishes for your own custom look.

The " H "  Edition  

The H

​This " H " Edition will blow your mind with style and innovation. Hand grips, pedals, axle bolt covers and air valve caps all original parts from Harley Davidson.  All those parts were specially modified to fit this electric bike.  Iconic orange for the main color of the frame complemented with chrome plated front electric motor, forks and handle bar. The rest is finished off with black hardware. 3000 watts is powering this bike from a 72 volt battery with 10ah. That will give you a top speed of 80 kph and a range of 80-100km with the 96amp computer programed just for your needs it will do everything you want! 


Braking power comes from 3 sources front 203mm disc brake with large single piston caliper attached to custom torque mount adapter. Second comes from electric re-generate brake on motor engages when you pull the front brake lever and also sends little bit of power back to the battery every time also.  Last comes from a rear coaster brake hub that has 2 speed  gears inside for a super clean look.  Comfort and feel is all there some extra goodies are 300 Lumen re-chargeable headlight, brake sensing tail light, brooks seat, vans half link chain,  electronic fast charger and a Mikes pro lid custom helmet to match the bike to keep you safe. These bikes are all tested and ready to ride and come with one year full warranty on all parts.


Big Ben​

Handmade 72v 3000 watts electric system $8500.00 USD 

The Blue One

Handmade 52v 2000 watts electric system with custom Re-generation  brakes. $8000.00 USD ​

Check out the model selection page for all bikes specs and details 

At the very bottom of the page !


Handmade 72v 3000 watts electric system

$8000.00 USD  

The California 

Handmade 52v 2000 watts electric system

$8000.00 USD  

Snoop Dogg


Gold plated handmade 52v 2000 watts  electric system 

$9000.00 USD  

​The Twins ​​

These 2 are identical twins. With 72 volts of power pushing 3000 watts of power you can get up to 82kph and a range of 100-200 kilometers. Innovation never stopping with some of the most advanced technology and options such as our iconic 3rd hidden electric brake switch. Also equipped with our in house Gotham city lights. Headlamp has built-incharger with your cell phone plug, long run time Lipo battery , 300 Lumin, and even dimmable features. Taillight is the motion sensing brake keeping the bike as safe as possible even large 203mm front disc brake with shimano hydrolic caliper. With the 2 speed rear hub gives you just the right gearing. All bikes now come with hand written Eastvanchopcycle writing to symbolize your custom Cruiser and let everyone know your riding a handcrafted machine.  Many many details not listed so just feel free to message or call us.


3000 watts 10ah battery regenerative front brakes 

$8000.00 USD 

Frame Choices 

These are all the frame styles we can adapt the custom electric systems into. This means any of these can be built in any color combination or Metal Plating. These are all handmade frames.

At EastVanChopcycle your dream electric bike is produced all by hand. Creating an amazing masterpiece. Smooth and sleek. Specifically built to your needs and requirements. With our entry level bike starting at 2000 watts, you'll never be low on power or on battery running a 52v battery with 20 ah. Having an average adult weight, for example,  you can get 150km range on an hour and a half full charge. For those wanting bit more kick we also offer the 72 volt system pushing 3000 watts giving you a possible 82 kph top speed ! High quality electronics and a special computer program keeps your bike front of the pack. Software updates available to boost up your speed as programmers brake into new technology. Of course the entire bike has 1 year warranty on every part and comes with the best digital fast smart charger on the market. Feel free to contact us for information about the bikes and how to start your build!

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