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At Eastvan Chopcycle  we build custom electric bicycles. By taking handmade bicycle frames from around the world and designing special electric systems into the bike. This giving you ultimate usability and eliminating range anxiety for those long range rides or trips to the store with a heavy load. We make each bike for the user so ergonomically fitting perfectly for very little fatigue giving you more riding time and more enjoyment. You maybe thinking what makes these electric bikes different than others in electrical aspects well let me explain a bit.

Most electric bikes have generic ebike system that has many limitations such as Power Level, Range, drivability, maintenance and part replacement or upgrades. Eastvan Chopcycle has taken this all to another level allowing little to no limitations in all of these categories. Now when you pick the type of bike you want we go over so many details to ensure you get just what your looking for and the bike will out perform to your expectations. One thing is to look amazing and stylish but also performance is a huge thing to us as we come from the Automotive industry. Its not about having the fastest or most toque in a bike its about have a fine tuned over-all package and that's what you get!

 The bikes have a power range from 1000- 3600 watts all depending how you would like it setup you can get a range of 50-200 km and top speeds up to 70- 105 kph. All this can happen with 1.5 hour electronic fast charger that comes stock with every bike sold. 

To ensure safety these bikes have 3 separate brakes to slow you down super fast and comfortably. We are the first in the world to have Re-genitive brake button intergraded into the handgrip allowing you to be able to not have to remove your hands or fingers off the bike grip to operate it! This is a very comfortable setup to use and feel more safe riding. Not only does this button slow you down but also sends bit of power back to the battery every time you push it. When using the bikes 2 normal brakes and the Re-gen button the bike slows to a fast controlling stop with a shorter stopping distance than others bikes on the market. Other safety the bike has 300 or 1200 LUMEN Custom headlight with intergraded Lipo battery and charger so when you order your bike you tell us what type of cellphone cable you have then you can just plug it in to charge 10 hours run time. The taillight is an automatic brake sensing light that turns on, off and motion activating while you ride so people know when you accel or brake 15 hours run time. All you do is charge up your lights and bike battery then your good to go out on your ride. Keeping the lights separate power source gives you more range out of your bikes battery system. 

Building these bikes custom for the user means every part of the bike is chosen by you and us as a team to collaborate a well working result.  

We work closely with the best companies in the world to stay on top of the latest technology it takes teamwork to have a great product. 

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